Imbuia Holdings
About Us
Imbuia Holdings was formed by an experienced consulting partner following the demise of Arthur Andersen in 2001. Initially we took on the completion of a number of projects and programmes that were in progress at the time, and successfully completed these over the next three years.

Since then, we have successfully completed engagements in a number of countries around the world, working in a variety of industry sectors. Much of the work that we do is business-critical, multi-national, and of significant size, with the sponsors being at C-level or above.

Our experienced staff are experts in their fields, and we can supplement these with a pool of associates if necessary when we undertake large-scale engagements or respond to specialised requirements.

Imbuia Holdings is based near Salisbury, England, and operates internationally.

We are often asked where the name of our company comes from. The Imbuia (pronounced imm-boy-ar, with equal stress on all syllables) is a large tree that grows to around 40m in height. A member of the laurel family with the botanical name of Phoebe porosa, it is native to Brazil but was imported to South Africa in the early 19th Century as a wood for making high-quality furniture. Once there, it quickly became established and widespread. We used to have a house and office that was shaded by a grove of these wonderful trees, hence the name.