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Our Services
We offer services to our clients in a variety of apparently unrelated areas, which are in reality linked by a small number of common themes - process improvement, the effective management of technology, the use of technology to transform existing businesses and enable new ones, and the management of the core data assets of the business. Each of these specialisations can produce significant cost savings or competitive advantage in their own right, but the greatest benefits are obtained when they are combined and treated holistically.

Performance Improvement and Operational Excellence can both be usefully defined as the optimisation of business processes and activities in order to achieve specified benefits, such as reducing costs, increasing flexibility, or decreasing time to market. We use techniques such as Lean and Kaizen in this context along with more specialised methodologies for technical domains. Business Transformation extends this concept to include such areas as organisation redesign, finance transformation, and a move from operating in functional silos to an environment where the focus is on cross-functional business processes (such as 'order to cash').

A useful short description of Technology Strategy is aligning IT with the business, and this is usually coupled with IT Governance (running IT as a business) and IT Transformation, which involves the adoption of best practices and the optimisation of infrastructure, applications, and processes. When coupled with financial initiatives - such as CTB to RTB migration - these are collectively referred to as CIO Services.

Shared Services, Outsourcing and Offshoring are often important components of any transformation strategy, and here we have specialised knowledge and experience. Multisourcing is an advanced variant, where both internal and external groups are viewed as 'business service providers' and a disciplined approach is taken to blending these to provision functions at the most advantageous terms.

We have worked with many organisations to develop their strategy and capability around Master Data Management (MDM), particularly in the area of Customer Data Integration (CDI). For historical reasons, we have specialised experience in a number of technical areas, particularly around Architecture, Master Data Management (MDM) and infrastructure technologies such as Virtualisation, Cloud Computing, and Unified Communications.

In every engagement, we attempt to find early wins that will both create rapid results and release cash to fund the remainder of your change programme. Beyond this breakeven point, all additional wins provide an ongoing benefit. Overall cost savings of 15-20% are not atypical, and we have seen much higher figures on occasion.

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